Season ticket №6 «The territory of surprises»

on working days at 18:30, on rest days at 18:00
Conductor Alim Shakhmametiev
Concertmaster Honored Artist of Russia Yulia Rubina
The concert is presented by Marina Yakushevich
6 concerts
Price 1300–2500 р.

We have to recognize each other from the very first words. So remember that the season ticket №10 which was called "The Great Ten", is now the Season ticket №6 "Territory of surprises."

The world of refined and unexpected solutions, surprising programs and instruments. The season ticket №6 is able to go beyond the territory delineated by the term "music, to the field of poetry, or dance. By all the above it is necessary to add a tart flavor of the exotic - throat singing, dancing dervishes, flamenco. Soloists of the season ticket №6 sixth subscription plays the strange instruments such as the glass harp, verrofon, Crystal pan flute. 

Concerts of season ticket

12+ 19 November, 18:00 Love story Season ticket №6 Music by Glazunov, Molinelli, Piazzolla, Morricone, Milhaud Chamber Orchestra Veronika Kozhukharova, saxophone (Moscow)
Conductor – Alim Shakhmametiev
Philharmonic Chamber hall 300–800 р.
12+ 11 February, 18:00 «Pour the magic» Season ticket №6 Music by Vivaldi, Corelli, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Dvorak, Massenet, Saint-Saëns and other transcribed for "Crystal Trio" and orchestra Chamber Orchestra «Crystal trio» (Moscow):
Igor Sklyarov, glass harp
Vladimir Popras, verrophone
Sergey Brodsky, glass pan-flute
Conductor – Alim Shakhmametiev
Philharmonic Chamber hall
12+ 18 March, 18:00 Pure Season ticket №6 Choveaux. Concert for marimba and orchestra (world premiere) Bignone. «Behind the sun» for marimba and string orchestra (world premiere) Chamber Orchestra Ludwig Albert, marimba (Belgium)
Conductor – Alim Shakhmametiev
Philharmonic Chamber hall
12+ 22 April, 18:00 Border of the dream Season ticket №6 Koshkin. Concert for guitar and orchestra «Megaron» (premiere in Novosibirsk) Chamber Orchestra Artem Dervoed, guitar (Moscow)
Conductor – Alim Shakhmametiev
Philharmonic Chamber hall
12+ 18 May, 18:30 Dunaevsky forever Season ticket №6 Music and songs by Tanonov, Dunaevsky, Shainsky, Warren, Mancini, Williams, Mendel, Berlin, Petrov, Zatsepin from the famous movies Chamber Orchestra Conductor – Alim Shakhmametiev Philharmonic Chamber hall
12+ 14 October, 18:30 «Between you and me…» Season ticket №6 On the 95th anniversary of Arno Babadjanian Songs from the repertoire of Muslim Magomayev Chamber Orchestra Karen Movsesian, baritone
Conductor – Alim Shakhmametiev
Philharmonic Chamber hall 500–800 р. Buy ticket


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