Beginning of the concerts at 15:00
Artistic Director
Sergey Gershenovitch, Honoured artist of Russia

For children from 6 years with their parents
4 concerts

This Season Ticket is addressed to future jazz lovers. "Siberian Dixieland" continues to introduce young children and their parents the basics of jazz music. By the end of the season you will not have any questions – what’s the difference between a double bass and a banjo, between a piano and a drum, trumpet or saxophone. By the end of the season young listeners will be able to distinguish them, even when the instruments sound all together.

Each concert is wonderful music, fascinating stories from the presenter of programs, games, contests, quizzes. Here you can win a prize and even dance on joys - jazz music has so much to do with it! Probably, this is one of the most cheerful season tickets of Philharmonic.

Concerts of season ticket


Кинотеатр "Победа"
Медицинский центр «Блеск»
Группа компаний "Новоконстрой"
Чашка кофе
Балкан гриль
Московская биржа
Favorit cheese
Рестораны Дениса Иванова-1
Amour (цветочный магазин)
Прима линия
Хилтон Новосибирск
Клиника Елены Соловьёвой
Communications advertising group
AZIMUT Отель Сибирь
Аэродром «Мочище»
ОАО «Синар»
Альянс Франсез
ООО «ЗапСибИнтернешнл»
Ресторанный комплекс Bierhof
ООО «Байт»
Компания «Дизайнмастер»
Ресторация Город N
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