Филармонический камерный оркестр

Principal conductor 
Alim Shakhmametiev

Julia Rubina, Honoured artist of The Russian Federation 

Aliona Bolkvadze


Novosibirsk is renowned in the whole world by its school of violin, the brightest examples of which are Maxim Vengerov and Vadim Repin. For the present day, chamber orchestra of Novosibirsk State Philharmonic, which consists of young, talented and full of ideas musicians, is one of the most popular and favorite ensembles in the city, which honoraubly continues traditions of the famous Novosibirsk school of strings. Being formed in the beginning of 90s the orchestra is famous as a stable and popular collective of Novosibirsk.

That is why, it is not a surprise that there is always a full house at the orchestra concerts in its native city. Because every program of the orchestra is an interesting and bright event, be it a solo concert of the orchestra or collaboration with guest soloists and conductors. The principle conductor Alim Shakhmametiev and his musicians solve musical tasks with an unconventional approach, demonstrating the highest level of performing culture. For the recent years, the orchestra played an incredible number of absolutely new compositions, which the audience didn’t hear not only in the city, but in the whole Russia.

Maestro and the orchestra offer listeners unusual programs with the participation of musicians playing different exotic instruments, they seek new ways to attract new listeners to concert halls, familiarizing young audience with the highest achievements of the world music culture.

The orchestra is the centre of international musical connections of Novosibirsk Philharmonics. This collective often initiates various international projects. The opening of Year of German Culture in Russia (January 2004), Days of Swedish music (April 2004), project “Days of English music in Novosibirsk” were realized with an active participation of the orchestra”. In 2010 the orchestra took part in the official opening of the year of Russian culture in France; in 2014 – in the official opening of the Year of Russian language in Germany.

Many world-renowned musicians from Russia and from abroad come to Novosibirsk with pleasure. They also work with the orchestra in its constant international tours. Also the orchestra considers its duty to present new names of young and talented musicians in Novosibirsk.

The orchestra tours a lot and takes part in different festivals in Russia, Germany, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.

The orchestra regularly releases new CDs, one of which – “Tongues of Fire” recoded under the baton of Rainer Held (Switzerland) was in top 20 of the best recordings of “Critics’ choice 2012” of the British magazine Gramophone.

Upcoming concerts collective

12+ 17 August, 19:00 Coffee story White Festival Bach. Coffee cantata, BWV 211
Handel. Concerto for harpsicord № 6, G-minor, op. 12
Podgaits. «Pendulum of time», 6 poems for chamber orchestra and conductor
Chamber Orchestra Ensemble «Markell’s Voices» Philharmonic Chamber hall 350–650 р. Buy ticket
12+ 18 August, 18:00 Mediterranean cruise White Festival Russian poets of the XIX-XX centuries. Nikolai Gumilev, Anna Akhmatova, Mikhail Kuzmin, Sasha Cherny will enter into a dialogue with the music by Vivaldi, Boccherini, Ravel, Albeniz and Manuel de Falla. Chamber Orchestra Philharmonic Chamber hall 350–650 р. Buy ticket
12+ 19 August, 18:00 Between classic and jazz White Festival Glinka. Three dances from the opera "Life for the Tsar"
Beethoven. Variations on a theme from the ballet "The Creations of Prometheus"
Borodin - Maslov. Fantasy on the theme "Fly away on the wings of the wind" from the opera "Prince Igor"
Tchaikovsky - Maslov. Fantasy on themes from the opera "Eugene Onegin",
Jazz Suite "The Nutcracker"
Chamber Orchestra Alexander Maslov jazz trio (St. Petersburg):
Alexander Maslov, piano, arrangements
Pavel Chizhik, vibraphone
Ivan Myasnikov, double-bass
Philharmonic Chamber hall 350–850 р. Buy ticket
12+ 29 September, 18:00 Chamber Orchestra Абонемент №5 (сезон 2018-19) Cimarosa. Concerto for oboe in C minor
Stravinsky. Concerto en Re
Mozart. Concerto for oboe in C major
Zinzadze. Quartet № 6
Nesterova. Georgian dances
Chamber Orchestra Andrey Godik, oboe Philharmonic Chamber hall 500–600 р. Buy ticket


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