Novosibirsk Choir Chapel

Artistic Director and Chief Conductor
Igor Youdin, Peoples artist of the Russian Federation

Elena Artamonova


The Chamber Choir was created in 1981 and became the first professional academic choir ensemble of Siberia. Until 1986 it was headed by Honored artist of Russia B.Pevzner. Artistic biography of the choir is rich by the tours in Russia and republics of the former USSR. The group has toured in France, Italy, Germany, cooperated fruitfully with orchestras, conductors and chamber ensembles of different countries of the world.

Artistic interests of performers extend from ancient songs till modern compositions of different styles and directions. The repertoire of the ensemble includes folk, romance and jazz programs. Many Russian composers wrote their oeuvres specially for this choir.

Destroying the stereotypes of conservative attitude to the choir genre, the ensemble, first in Russia, made an attempt of creation of the musical-stage genre as «choir theatre». This is a special direction of the choir's work, where the staging takes place, and the choir is interpreted as an ensemble of soloists.

The Chamber Choir participated in many international and national Festivals, presented Russia at the international artistic action devoted to memorize the victims of XX century (Dortmund, Germany), where it was honored to open this memorial before the colleagues from 12 countries. The choir was invited to the celebration of the 850th anniversary of Moscow, took part in the concert near the walls of the Jesus Saver Temple.

Musicians successively and actively revive traditions of Russian culture. The ensemble initiated big actions, festivals, many of them became traditional: «Pokrov Autumn», «Christmas and Easter concerts», Choir Assemblies during «The Days of Slav culture».

In August 2016 Chamber Choir was reorganized to Novosibirsk Choir Chapel.

Chief concertmaster
Svetlana Bolgova, Honored artist of the Russian Federation

Alexander Roslyakov

Marina Mamaeva

Olga Glavadskaya

Upcoming concerts collective

12+ 1 February, 18:30 Theotokos virgin, rejoice, mary full of grase, the lord is with you! Highlights of chor music Russian spiritual music from znamenny chant to the present day Bortniansky, Vedel, Degtyarev, Kastalsky, Chesnokov, Arkhangelsky, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov Novosibirsk Choir Chapel Philharmonic Chamber hall 200–500 р. Buy ticket
12+ 12 February, 17:00 «Russian wedding of Siberia» Season ticket №19 Courtship and redemption of the bride, bachelorette party, braids unwound, the wedding feast and other wedding traditions of Russian people Folklore ensemble «Rozhdestvo» Novosibirsk Choir Chapel Philharmonic Chamber hall 200–500 р. Buy ticket
6+ 19 February, 15:00 Gauf. «Caliph-stork» Season ticket №43 Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra Novosibirsk Choir Chapel Olga Osipova, soprano
People’s artist of Russia Galina Alekhina, art of declamation (“The Red Torch” theater)
Sand show studio SandLand
Arnold Kats State Concert Hall 250–600 р. Buy ticket
12+ 21 March, 18:30 "It is nice here…" Season ticket №9 Evening of Russian classical romance: Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff Novosibirsk Choir Chapel Conductor – Igor Youdin Round stage of the Arnold Kats State Concert Hall 300 р. Buy ticket


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