A fire in the theater «School of Modern Play» will not prevent the tour to Novosibirsk

6 november 2013, 11:41
Moscow Theater «School of Modern Play» will arrive to Novosibirsk despite a fire in the theater. Five performances of the theater with Irina Alferova, Yuri Chernov, Alexander Gordon, Alexander Galibin and other actors will take place at the Chamber Philharmonic Hall from 15 to 18 November.

On 3 November there was a big fire in the building of the theater “School of Modern play”. Total area of the fire was 500 square meters. Fortunately nobody was hurt.

Despite the shock, the artists of the theater unanimously agreed: the tour to Novosibirsk will take place. Moreover, this is the only opportunity to continue the work.

Joseph Raihelgauz, artistic director of Moscow theater «School of Modern Play», commented: «… Novosibirsk tour is very important to us. For the first time after the terrible events our actors will appear on the stage. And the first spectators will be residents of the wonderful Siberian city with strong cultural traditions, thinking and sophisticated audience. I was supposed not to fly on this tour but now I changed my decision — I will be in Novosibirsk with the company.”


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