#Mannequinchallenge и «Star Wars» vs «Game of Thrones»: Latvian band DAGAMBA performed at the festival “Classics”

5 december 2016, 12:50
On 4th of December the most unusual project of the International music festival "Classics" took place - the Latvian group DAGAMBA presented the program "Vivaldi Rock", which featured a mix of original arrangements of classical works with popular melodies and themes from famous movies. During the concert, the audience participated in a flashmob The Mannequin Challenge.

On 4th of December at Arnold Kats State Concert Hall Latvian group DAGAMBA performed. The program "Vivaldi Rock" includes original arrangements of classical works with modern topics: Rachmaninov-Muse, Radiohead-Mozart, Bach-Puce, as well as music from the iconic "Star Wars" and "Game of Thrones." The band also performed its "calling card" - a fragment of the scenic cantata by Carl Orff "Carmina Burana".


«It doesn’t matter for us what genre to perform - there are no good and bad genres - there is only the music that inspires us, whether it is Mozart or Radiohead, - said the leader of the group DAGAMBA Valters Puce. – With our international team - Iranian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian - we want to show that we need to live happily together”.

Novosibirsk Philharmonic Ensemble “Markell’s Voices” came to the stage together with the guests of the festival.

"With a group DAGAMBA we perform three very different works - arrangement of Mozart, Grieg, Vivaldi as well as the synthesis of Vivaldi and Queen, - says Igor Tyuvaev, artistic director of the Ensemble "Markell’s Voices" – Musicians have a fresh look at the music, and their program is a look at the classics through the prism of DAGAMBA».

DAGAMBA acquired worldwide fame with their creative approach to the classical repertoire. The group, founded in 2011, now sets the record by the views in social networks and successfully performs on the biggest world festival Glastonbury (UK).

The Group specializes in the performance of music in the style of crossover and fusion, using an unconventional set of tools - the sound of cello and piano interwoven with oriental percussion. Classical compositions by Bach, Prokofiev, Mozart sounds quite unusual, acquire modern style by weaving popular rock and pop compositions.

In 2014, the band set a record in social media - their performance of "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven was shared by more than 10 million users of social networking site Facebook. This composition will complete the group’s concert program in Novosibirsk.

Having performed in 2015 with great success at the biggest world festival Glastonbury, the band were invited to the next festival and received recognition from critics and music producers from England, Italy, Sweden and other countries.

In 2015 the collective presented their new album Recycled, where they tried to diametrically change the prevailing among the audience opinion of classical music, carrying out incredibly bold experiments with sound. Bold and exciting arrangements of compositions, which creation was inspired by classical music grandees, joined different times and styles of music - Bach was sent to Iran, Prokofiev met with a knight from the movie Knight Rider, and Mozart shares his experience with Radiohead.

International festival "Classics" will be held from 2nd to 8th of December and will bring together seven concerts of international, Russian and Novosibirsk performers in such genres as ballet, ancient and classical music. Among the stars of the festival there are Ilze Liepa, Alexander Rudin, organist Jevgenia Lisicina (Latvia), pianist Tanel Joamets (Estonia) and other stars. According to the organizers, the program includes compositions that represent classic examples of its genre. The slogan of the festival is "Art of the highest standard".

The partner of the festival is “Rosbank”.


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