Organist of Riga Cathedral performed a concert of the "Four Seasons" by Vivaldi at the festival "Classic"

7 december 2016, 12:53
On 6th of December in the Philharmonic Chamber Hall the concert of Jevgenija Lisicina was held. The organist of the largest Riga Cathedral presented a solo program in the frameworks of the festival “Classic”, in which her own setting of the famous concert "Winter" from Vivaldi's cycle "The Seasons” sounded.

On 6th of December in Novosibirsk was a solo concert of Jevgenija Lisicina. Her creative life is connected with the organ of the Riga Cathedral - the largest medieval church of the Baltic countries located in Riga. This is where the organist performs for more than 30 years, here she realized her most ambitious project - performed all the organ works by Bach (about 250 pieces) - in one cycle.

The Riga Cathedral is the face of Riga. It was built and rebuilt together with the city, and burned again from the ashes. The more I play here, the more I understand that there happens something good to people. Communication with the organ is a joy! It is a divine instrument forming one acoustic, meaningful, emotional and philosophical entity with the building where it lives,"- says Jevgenija Lisicina.

In Novosibirsk, the organist performed Bach, Vivaldi, Haydn and French composer of XX century Francis Poulenc. Also Jevgenija Lisicina performed her own setting for organ of the concert "Winter" from Vivaldi's famous cycle "The Seasons". Philharmonic artists - laureate of international competitions Lev Terskov (piano) and Dmitry Khramov (percussion instruments) also participated in the concert.

Organ of the Riga Cathedral is recognized world cultural value, it is the fifth largest in the world.

Jevgenija Lisicina has performed more than a thousand concerts, she is known not only as a performer but also as the author of settings for the organ music written for other instruments.

International festival "Classic" will be finished tomorrow with the concert of Moscow chamber orchestra and Alexander Rudin, performing not only as a conductor but also act as a soloist, and in one composition he will play the cello, in the other - on the piano. There’s a high classics in the program.

The partner of the festival is “Rosbank”.

Tickets for the festival cost from 300 to 1800 rubles and are available in the ticket office and at Philharmonic website for purchase online.

International festival "Classic" is held in Novosibirsk from 2nd to 8th of December and brings together seven concerts of international, Russian and Novosibirsk performers in such genres as ballet, ancient and classical music. Among the stars of the festival there are Ilze Liepa, Alexander Rudin, organist Jevgenia Lisicina (Latvia), pianist Tanel Joamets (Estonia) and other stars. According to the organizers, the program includes compositions that represent classic examples of its genre. The slogan of the festival is "Art of the highest standard".

The partner of the festival is “Rosbank”.


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