The oldest musical collective of Novosibirsk celebrates its 90th anniversary

17 may 2017, 03:28
On May 17th at the Arnold Kats State Concert Hall there will be held the anniversary concert of Novosibirsk Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments, the oldest musical collective in Novosibirsk. In the program "90 years in the line" will sound both classical and modern compositions, three premieres will be performed, and famous conductors and soloists will go out on the stage together with the collective.

On May 17th Novosibirsk Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments will celebrate its anniversary with a big concert "90 years in the line". The orchestra will perform on stage this evening under the direction of four maestro, the artistic director and principal conductor of the orchestra Vladimir Gusev, the conductor of the orchestra Rustam Dilmoukhametov and two invited maestros Vladimir Popov (St. Petersburg) and Duisen Ukibai (Republic of Kazakhstan).

The soloists in the program will be the cellist Boris Andrianov (Moscow), Aigul Auzhanova (kobyz, Republic of Kazakhstan), Irina Novikova (soprano), and the artists of Novosibirsk Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments - Andrey Gurevich (balalaika), Vadim Shelepov (balalaika), Anastasia Kirilenko (domra), Dmitry Zherdev (balalaika) and Yana Chardyntseva (domra).

 «Ninety years of our history have included the preservation of traditions and experience, the search for new ways and improvement. In art one cannot stop", says Vladimir Gusev, artistic director and principal conductor of Novosibirsk Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments. - Today the repertoire of the collective exceeds four thousand compositions - it is folk music, domestic and foreign classics, original works created specially for our orchestra».

The program of the jubilee concert will include three premieres: for the first time in Novosibirsk the Romanian rhapsody No. 1 by Enescu will sound and Fantasia on the themes of N. Rota Omelchenko and "The Little Suite" by Ch.Chaplin-V. Lyamkin will be performed.

“The orchestra will perform the "Romanian Rhapsody" for the first time, in the arrangement for the orchestra of folk instruments, which is usually performed by the symphony orchestra. Also in the jubilee program we will perform the play "Caprice of Paganini", which combines rock, jazz, and other musical styles”, says Vladimir Gusev.

The oldest musical collective of Novosibirsk was created in 1927 at the first Siberian broadcasting company. The organizer of the orchestra is Vasily Girman. From 1945 to 1976 the orchestra was directed by Ivan Gulyaev. In these years the orchestra becomes a professional collective. Since 1976 the collective is headed by Vladimir Gusev. Novosibirsk Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments is one of four orchestras of folk instruments in the country having the honorary title of "academic".

The specificity of the orchestra's work on radio was that the main part of its work was studio work, the recording of music for the replenishment of the radio library. The collective created a huge number of stock records, which are still on air today.

In 2005 the orchestra was transferred to Novosibirsk Philharmonic and launched an active concert activity. The collective is a participant of a huge number of festivals: regional, all-Russian and international. Well-known soloists-instrumentalists, vocalists, choral collectives collaborate with the orchestra.

The collective changed its name several times: the Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments of Novosibirsk Radio (1927 - 1958), the Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments of Novosibirsk Television and Radio (1958 - 1990), the Russian Academic Orchestra of the State TV and Radio Company Novosibirsk (1990 - 2005), since 2005 - Novosibirsk Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments.




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